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In the world of Naruto, a jutsu ("Technique" or "Skill" in Japanese) is a general term referring to any technique a ninja might use that not any ordinary human could naturally imitate. Jutsu are usually the product of channeling chakra to a certain part or parts of the body and then manipulating it to create an effect which wouldn't be possible otherwise. If the chakra circulatory system malfunctions or is blocked in any way, it is impossible to perform any jutsu at all.
For creating/ using jutsus, Hand signs are used to direct chakra flow.

There are six different ranks in jutsu:
S-rank: Kage level
A-rank: Elite Jounin/Kage Level
B-rank: Jounin level jutsu
C-rank: Chuunin level jutsu
D-rank: Genin level jutsu
E-rank: Academy student level jutsu

For rulings on Jutsu effects go to the site below

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