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The Tensa Clan’s primary powers concerning the Tensa Kekkei Genkai commonly called “The Heavenly Chains”, aids them in their most common role as black smiths due to their innate ability to control metal. A Tensa can harness bothe the Fire and Wind elements but only those two. Any Tensa will ever only be able to use those two elements in ninjutsu but they will also beable to combine the two due to their kekkei genkai. Through the manipulation of air and fire they are able to forge weapons of superior quality and durability. Though Most Tensa do fill role as Weapon smiths they are also commonly seen filling other roles as listed below:
Blacksmith (artisan crafts, mundane items, and tools)
Prison Guards

Because of the semi-nomadic nature of Ancestor Tensa tribes there are Tensa in many places. While many branch might send a student to a ninja villages for training in the shinobi arts this is a very rare practice and they tend to live mostly apart from others and the events of the world. To date only one branch has officially and permanently allied with a shinobi village, That village being the Hidden Leaf.

Tensa Kekkei Genkai “Heavenly chains” :
The First ability is a simple and straight forward one: The ability to infuse ones chakra with any metal by touch and control its movement in a manner similar to telekinesis. Using the unique metal of chakra blades the control over the movement of object is drastically improved to the point of pinpoint response time. While most commonly used with custom Kunai and Chakra Blades use with metal chains and wires is also possible and effective in combat.

The range of control is 50ft but a focus type could train it to 60ft at the cost of 20% increased drain on chakra. Generally if a shinobi were to go all out using nothing but this technique with sustained moves, such as controlling a chain for whipping attacks as opposed to increasing the velocity of a kunai in flight) they would be out of chakra in about 1 hour. Conservatively it could last about 3 or four times that long depending on the users chakra.

They can move up to 1 ton but the amount of chakra that uses in proportional to an individual's chakra control and how much chakra they have left. A Tensa lifting that Ton will have a harder if not impossible time doing other things with their chakra where as a lighter object requires less effort. = C

The Second ability is slightly more advanced and intricate and can be seen from Chunin to Jounin level Tensa as well as Tensa smiths of Journeyman rank or higher. It is the ability to use both Wind and Fire Element Techniques simultaneously. They are referred to as Tan’ya-en no jutsu or Art of the blacksmith’s flame. = B

The addition of the wind element greatly enhances the power of the fire attack as well as it’s intensity. When combined with chakra blades the user can create an extended blade of superheated highly pressurized air that can cut through most material with destructive similar to that of Chidori also a bit less powerful in exchange for the slightly lower cost to chakra and variable range defending on the user’s choice of chakra weapon, fighting style, and skill. The greater the chakra control and ability for shape manipulation the more varied and versatile heat weapons can be formed. = B to A (depending on the complexity of the shape)

The 3rd ability is seen only in elite Jounin and master smith of the Tensa clan. It is called Ten no kusari' gijutsu no saikō-shin or Supreme God of Heavenly Chains’ technique. At first the user can transmutate a single body part, organ, or limb in to a living chakra infused metal commonly called “Quick silver” by the Tensa. After intense training the user can extend the effect to the rest of his body but with severe time constraints as a cost for enhanced abilities. The properties of the ablity are as follows
For both partial and full metal forms:
- Will not take any damage from metal weapons
- Immune to poisons for the duration of the transformation. (Applies only to the transformed body parts)
- Transformed limbs can be transform into weapons of tools (Blades, axes, hammers, maces etc.)
- Limb extension range 8ft (Partial form)
For Full form only
- No genjutsu or ninjutsu can be used
- Physical strength and speed is tripled in proportion to the user’s base strength
- The degree to which on can manipulate the shape of the limbs is proportional to the chakra level of the user.
- If the user run out of chakra while in this form they will not die but he or she will be solidified into a living but unconscious statue for a period of upto but not exceeding 72 hours. During which time they could be shattered and killed. = A

The 4th Ability is so advanced only the most terribly powerful tensa have ever been able to learn it and none ever truly mastered it, as such it remains and incomplete technique. A former clan head of the tensa clan was once given a scroll of a certain technique used by one of konoha’s previous hokage as payment for a commsioned weapon. The resulting fusion of this S rank Technique and the Tensa kekkei Genkai was called Ten kusari no kōsoku undō no saikō-shin or The supreme God of Heavenly chains High speed movement. The basic premise of this technique is that the Tensa imbues a chakra blade of item made of the same unique metal with his or her Chakra then can then teleport to that item. There are limitations though. The max distance is determined by the chakra level of the user but anything over 2miles will be fatal to anyone regardless of the user’s chakra level. The distance of the “port” affects how much chakra is used in each attempt the farther you go the more chakra you use, try to go farther than your chakra will allow and the technique will either not work at all or you will die. The technique can only be used 3 times consecutively within a 10 second time frame. Exceeding this limit will cause side effects including but not limited to:
- Nausea
- Heartburn
- Indigestion
- Upset Stomach
- Diarrhea
- Dizziness/Disorientation
- Temporary migraines
- Possible Cardiac arrest
- And many more as of yet undefined medical complications

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