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Most ninja are equipped with weaponry, in addition to the Jutsu's in their arsenal.
Kunai and Shuriken are basic weapons, requiring only enough precision to throw through the air. they are deadly is used in a proper manner.
Special throwing Needles require much more precision, but are far deadlier if they hit their mark.
Some Ninja use swords, very few of which look similar to each other. The Seven Legendary Swordsman of the Mist all use special swords, some with special ability. PM me if you want a special sword.
Chakra Blades are weapons infused with a special metal which reacts when infused with the users chakra. If someone is Wind Nature'd, the sharpness of the blade is exponentially greater.
Chains, Whips, Nun-chucks, Flails, and pretty much anything else you ca think of can, in theory, be used as a special ninja weapon.

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